10M Small Business Administration Bond Support

The following is a list of information and forms necessary to set up a bond line within the Small Business Administration's(SBA) bond guarantee program (No cost involved to set up or maintain) The information requested below helps the underwriters better understand you and your business as well as allows us to create solutions to your specific needs.


As one of the largest writers of bonds for the SBA, we have streamlined the process. Depending on your individual circumstances and needs we recommend being proactive in establishing your Single and Aggregate program so you never miss an opportunity. 

The SBA's bond program is designed to give sureties an incentive to providing bonding to small businesses and thereby, assists small businesses in obtaining greater access to contracting opportunities.

PROS to working with the SBA bond guarantee program

  • No aggregate limit with SBA  

  • Surety establishes qualifications 

  • Bank line of credit counts as working capital to utilize this capability you will need a clean set of internal financials on an accrual basis. Financial Statement qualification are listed below

  • No minimum credit score required if other underwriting criteria are met

  • Bankruptcy eligible after discharge 

What are the requirements to obtain bond support above 400,000 (QUICK APP) with the SBA? 

  • Year-end business financial statements for the last 3 years if applicable

  • 6-month interim business financial statement if due 

  • Company and Affiliate tax returns last 3 years if applicable

  • Bank reference letter

  • Personal financial statement for all owners  

  • WIP schedule (Work in Progress)

  • Contractor Questionnaire 

What are the different Financial Statement Qualifications for SBA Bonds? 

For Year end- Business Financial Statements 

  • Jobs up to $1 million = Quality in-house

  • Jobs up to $2 million = In-house plus or CPA compilation

  • Jobs from $2 million to $6.5 million = CPA review

  • Jobs over $6.5 million = CPA audit 

Interim Business Financial Statements 

  • 6 months minimum from FYE

  • Quality in-house interim if FYE is in-house/in-house plus/compilation

  • CPA compiled or in-house plus interim if FYE is review/audit 

In-House Plus = CPA Compilation

  • Computer-generated accrual balance sheet & income statement + aged schedules of A/R(Accounts receivable) & A/P (Accounts payable) + CPLTD & equity section that tracks 


Consolidated Financial Statements 

  • Must include consolidating schedules 

  • Considers only working capital of the applicant

Request the SBA bond kit below and a surety specialist will be in touch to guide you through the process





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